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RDA Third Plenary Meeting

Third Plenary for the Research Data Alliance in Dublin, Ireland on March 26 to 28, 2014
Australia, in close partnership with Ireland, will host the Third Plenary for the Research Data Alliance in Dublin, Ireland on March 26 to 28, 2014. The purpose of the Research Data Alliance is to accelerate international data-driven innovation and discovery by facilitating research data sharing and exchange, use and re-use, standards harmonization, and discoverability.

RDA 2nd Plenary Meeting

The second plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) will take place from the 16th-18th of September in the National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC. This event aims to demonstrate the value of the RDA while receiving feedback from the broader research and policy communities. It will provide an opportunity for existing and potential RDA members to discuss progress on their activities and deliverables.

RDA Europe Workshop prior to the RDA plenary in Washington

The goal of this workshop is to discuss European aspects of global research data sharing and exchange as well as inject new ideas and European achievements to be presented and represented during the Research Data Alliance 2nd Plenary meeting taking place at the National Academy of Sciences from the 16 to the 18 September 2013 in Washington DC. 

Trust and Digital Preservation

This is a 2 day APARSEN training event organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland and sponsered by the EC.

The Now and Future of Data Publishing

The JISC Managing Research Data programme is organising a one day symposium on The Now and Future of Data Publishing. This event will take place on the 22nd of May 2013 at St. Anne's College, Oxford, UK. There are a growing number of initiatives around data publication and these respond in part to changing research practices but also to changing policies and advocacy of more open research.

Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Making Data Count

Academic research practice and culture is changing and is still in the process of being transformed, but to a large degree the system of academic recognition has not yet adapted to the practices and possibilities of digital research.  This applies especially to research data, which is increasingly produced, managed, published and archived, but still does not play a role in practices of research assessment.

Official Launch of the Research Data Alliance, Gothenburg, 18-20 March 2013

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an organisation that aims to accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exhcange. The RDA will carry out it's work via several working groups. Membership of these groups and participation at the biannual plenary meetings is open to all.

The RDA will be launched by sponsers from the European Commission, the US government and the Australian government  at it's first plenary meeting from the 18th -20th of March 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Research data management funding: is Europe up for the challenge ?


SIM4RDM partners have recently completed a multi-stakeholder survey of research data management practices and are currently developing a funding and evaluation framework for designing, running and evaluating funding programmes to improve research data management skills and support.

A workshop was organised in Dublin on the 31st of January 2013 to showcase and gather feedback on these outputs and to explore opportunities for European and international collaboration.