better policies for managing research data

Project Activities

Work Package 1 Project Management 

This is led  by the project coordinator JISC (UK). This work package involes overseeing the operation of project and its activities. JISC will act as the liason point between the European Comission partners. It will be responsible for convening regular meetings of the project co-ordination board who are responsible for the day to day running of SIM4RDM. JISC will also convene meetings of the Steering Board who are tasked with driving the overall direction and strategy for the ERA-NET. Membership of the Steering Board will be drawn from key international initiatives such as the National Science Foundation, Data Net and the Australian National Data Service. 

Work Package 2 Evidence Gathering

This is led by SURF (NL). This work package will determine what funding programmes and interventions already exist across member states and in other international countries to improve the capacity and skills of researchers to make effective use of the research data infrastructures. This analysis is currently underway. A landscape survey was developed by the work package leader and circulated to relevant contacts in partner countries. The results of this questionnaire will then be supported by in depth interviews and the results and outcomes of the April 2012 workshop organised in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. 

Work Package 3 Funding Intervention Modelling Framework 

This work package is led by JISC (UK). This work package will involve the construction of intervention models indicating how programme owners can increase their capacity for research data management, influence  the reward and recognition for data management and improve the support for data management. Evidence provided by the landscape survey generated in Work Package 2 will inform the approach for the design of the intervention models. The key output from this work package will be the design of a replicable model which can be used by programme owners to design and run funding programmes targeted at achieving measureable improvement in the provision of research data management across a range of potential case studies and instances.

Work Package 4 Evaluation Framework

Led by NIIFI (HU) and will be concerned with the development of evaluation frameworks for measuring the impact of the intervention models defined in Work Package 3. This work package will run in parallel with WP3 but will be accelerated in order that the design of the frameworks can reflect the intervention models defined. The Evaluation Framework will seek to establish a benchmark from which to evaluate the intended change and improvement. Within the context of the JISC Managing Research Data Programme tools and methodologies have been developed to enable cost-benefit analsyis and benchmarking. One of the key areas of work in Work Package 4 will be to refine and synthesise these approaches in order to provide a framework for analysis at National and International levels. 

Work Package 5 Implementation and Case Studies

Led by NordForsk (NO) and will involve implementing and testing the funding intervention models and evaluation frameworks within the funding programmes of member states identified in the project. This will form the basis of policy recommendations which will be divided into the following groups:  

  • Recommendations for national interventions
  • Recommendations for pan-European interventions
  • Recommendations for International extra-European interventions

The recommendations will be tested and evaluated by seeking programme owners to act as use cases.

Work Package 6 Communications and Outreach 

Led by the HEA (IE)  and will ensure contact with a wider community via a website and the ability to contribute via online collaboration tools. SIM4RDM will also produce an online newsletter and will participate at appropriate community and stakeholder workshops and conferences.