better policies for managing research data

Advisory Board

The SIM4RDM advisory board consists of 13 members representing a cross section of European and International Organisations working in the wider research data environment. 

Jun Adachi, National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Pam Bjornson, National Research Council Canada

David Bohmert, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI)

Jan Brase, DataCite, German National Library of Science and Technology, Germany

Rachel Bruce,  Joint Information Systems Committee, the United Kingdom

Amanda Crowfoot, Science Europe

Marc Dupuis, SURF, the Netherlands

Balasz Konya, Lund University, Sweden

Leif Laaksonen, the IT Centre for Science, Finland

Pat O'Connor, Higher Education Authority, Ireland 

Andrew Treloar, the Australian National Data Service, Australia

Susan Winter, National Science Foundation, United States

John Wood, Association of Commonwealth Universities, the United Kingdom