better policies for managing research data


The SIM4RDM project strives for better policies in the area of managing research data on both the national and European level. The vision of SIM4RDM is to enable researchers to take full advantage of emerging data infrastructures in the European Research Area (ERA) by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and support infrastructures necessary to adopt good research data management practices. Effective management of research data is critical for generating sustainable scientific advances as well as for the preservation of this knowledge capital for future generations. 

The project analyses existing funding programmes and policy interventions that encourage good research data management and based on this produces models, evaluation frameworks and policy recommendations that can be utilized by various stakeholder groups in order to improve their own data management practices. 

SIM4RDM is a two year ERA-NET project funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

  1. Funders

    A pile of coins

    Realising the Potential for Publicly Funded Research Outputs

  2. Institutions

    Students in a lecture theatre

    Practical advice for institutions to manage their research data safely and effectively.

  3. Data Centres

    A data centre

    Helping make specialist data organisations aware of relevant activities within Europe and internationally. 

  4. Publishers

    Printed numbers

    Working with the publishing community to improve access to publicly funded scientific information. 

  5. Researchers

    An open notebook

    Providing the European researcher community with the skills, capacity and support to successfully engage with the emerging European data infrastructures